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WTF happened to El Jay? Or am I the only one getting a 404 error?
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Not dead. Just... screwed up. Too busy to breath.
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Wow, I completely suck at updating this journal. Recently I tried to re-enter LJ life and wanted to at least check in once a day, but failed completely.

But for the recent past, I am full of excuses for being kept away!

Out of the blue, in mid-October, I found out the President of my union local received a job at the Provincial office. Yay for her, because not only was she instrumental in getting this job created, but it was in an area of union work she is very keen on pursuing.

So what, you say? What does that have to do with you?

I was her Vice President.

I was faced with a surprise promotion to President during one of the most turbulent times facing our local and provincial members in quite a while. For reasons I will go into in a later post, the Union and Employer agreed on a standard uniform for RNs and LPNs to help with our visibility and identification in our health care institutions. With a plethora of allied health care workers and trade workers wearing scrubs in the health care centres, patients, families and the public in general are having a hard time figuring out who is a nurse. As such, patients and families are revealing information to ward aides or house keeping staff that should be confidential about themselves, asking the wrong workers to do nursing functions and, most worrisome, identifying as nurses, anyone in scrubs whom they feel left themselves or their loved ones in pain or in need of attention. Nursing is taking the hit in public opinion for things that they are not guilty of nor what they have control over, like the ease of identification of allied care staff or trade workers.

After over a year of active discussion (and first bringing up the subject almost five years ago) standard uniforms was an article added to our recent Collective Agreement. A poll of members - well, those who bothered to vote and pay attention to all the notices and education on the subject - resulted in a standard uniform consisting of a white top and black bottom. There will be about five different styles of tops for members to choose from, as well as different styles of pants and even a skirt option, for there are some RNs in my institution who still wear dress-style uniforms (I believe one nurse might even still wear a cap).

Those who disagreed with this motion have been vocal, immature and down-right nasty about the whole thing. Granted, I work in a paediatric institution, so instead of saying they 'just don't wanna' wear the black and white, nurses are going on ad nauseum about the impact of colours on paediatric care outcomes, comfort and connectivity with their nurse. They are providing reams of research reports - many of which are flawed or outright contradicted by other research studies - that support this argument and feel this should be their reason for absolute exemption from the policy (we will forget for the moment that the most comprehensive research in neonatal and infant development support stark contrasts to stimulate cognitive growth, and that all of the developmental stimuli provided in NICU are black and white images of faces, shapes and patterns).

So that has been my life for the past four weeks. The level of childishness and personal attacks by some members (many being my own co-workers) has made it difficult to even check in on Facebook (where some of my long-distance friends have accounts) without seeing passive-aggressive comments and status updates on the subject.

On the flip side, things in general life have been ok. We are experiencing our first real snowfall of the year right now! I am not thrilled, and I doubt my California rescue Chi will embrace the cold lifestyle, but my Lab is extremely excited at the prospect of gallivanting in the park. Sadly, there are city workers in the park right now, and since it is not an off-leash area, I have to wait for them to leave before I can sneak him over and let him run free. And on Saturday, 'Santa' will be at our vet's office, sitting for pictures, proceeds going to the SPCA. Of the four of them, Faith and maybe Sam will be most cooperative for pictures. Simon is still very stranger-apprehensive, and Wesley has no patience for people he does not know.

So, what is new in everyone's world?
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Day 05 - A show you hate

I thought for sure this question was going to be easy. There is so much crap on the airwaves nowadays that all I needed to do was scan the channels on any given day and I would land upon some piece of dreck that should never have made it out of a pitch session.

Well, that thinking kind of bit me on the ass, because, yeah, there is so much shit out there, how could I narrow my feelings down to one particular program?

So, I decided instead of naming a show, I will name a genre: reality TV.

Did anyone out there ever see the movie The Player? It's a brilliant 1992 movie about a studio executive who is being blackmailed by a writer whose script he'd rejected. There's a scene in the film where the exec is sitting around a table with some studio minions pitching stories. During the meeting the exec is skimming through the newspaper. He starts calling out article titles, saying these are workable ideas for films, no writers required. The minions eat it up and, voila, the concept of reality programming is born.

At its inception, reality TV didn't seem to be too bad: there was a conscious effort on the part of show runners to keep some level of quality and respectability within their programs. The first season of Survivor was genuinely thrilling: the concept of making deals and forming alliances was new, something made up as the players made their way through the game. There was an honesty and openness - yes, even, initially, on the part of Richard Hatch - to try to play the game fairly, and then that evolved into playing the game. The first season of Big Brother was similarly presented. Housemates seemed to be chosen for their ability to be likable, exude the positives of their differences and make a genuine attempt at making connections with each other.

Well, not any more!

Watching reality TV, to me, is like rubbernecking at an eight-car pile-up: what you are seeing is horrible and disturbing, but you can't seem to look away. For some viewers, they see these shows as their 'guilty pleasures'. I find 99% of reality TV offerings meaningless, humiliating for the participants, and some are right down nauseating. Toddlers and Tiaras? Kiddie porn. What the mothers put those children through is tantamount to abuse. It is horrifying. American Idol is very popular, but I don't think Star Search spent time showing the terrible auditions, the temper tantrums and just plain embarrassing moments for ratings. I thought the show was about finding a great singer, and not making random dude from Arkansas look like a jackass because he couldn't carry a tune in a bucket and seemed none the wiser about it (yes, I once thought some of these wanna bes weren't that stupid, but, thank you America - and Canada - for proving me wrong).

This post could go on forever, if I took the time to break things down by category - crime, dating, make-over, mental health, addiction - but really, its too damn depressing. This is one genre of television that I really wish had stayed only as a piece of snappy, cynical dialogue in a great film.
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Ah, behind in my meme already! Shocking? Naw, I knew I'd get lazy. Lazy and exhausted from the past couple of days at work.

Thursday was crazycakes in the clinic. At any given point during the day we had three surgeons running full clinics, their only help the 1st year residents, of which we only have two. Our senior resident (and by senior I mean the one who can find his arse in the dark) was in the OR with our future department chief.

Friday we had no clinic: instead we had a 'retreat' day, filled with team building exercises and 'honest' communication. I really enjoyed the day, while others, many who haven't done these types of workshops before, seemed kind of tense and suspicious over every new activity we needed to do. Afterwards, though, we all had a great time, going to a co-worker's house for a BBQ, some drinks and by-the-pool relaxation.

Now, back to the meme!

Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching

Without doubt I would have to say Supernatural. I've tried to get friends hooked on the program but for some reason very few would even give it a try. I don't like spooky shows, Is that the one with the guy from 'Days of Our Lives'?, Yeah, I don't think I'd like it/It's not my thing.


Yes, it is a show about the weird, worriesome and terrifying. It's had its crap episodes (Bugs was on a few days ago :P), sure, but so did The X-Files. On the whole, the show is so much more than a couple of pretty boys, a classic car and scary stories. Overall, the writing is smart, cracking and, having worked our way through the major mytharc, surprisingly spare. No words are wasted in telling the story. Yes, yes, in S4 the running joke was you could tell the episode was over because Sam and Dean would have a heart-to-heart talk, and guaranteed, Dean would be seen crying at least once. The words were good, but playing out their execution sometimes left something to be desired.

I love that from S1 to S5 you could see the characters grow and change. In S1, Dean was the one who thought white picket fences, a dog in the yard and a 401K was death; as the seasons went on, Sam was the one down on 'normal life', while Dean learns the comfort of home and hearth. The characters live unbelievable lives, but the men themselves are believable as people. I can't point to one instance where either Winchester was written OOC (though John has, as the seasons have gone on, been portray more and more as a sonovabitch).

Great writing, genuine characters and a mytharc with heart and angst... what isn't to love? Very few shows have ever made me cry, and this one has reduced me to tears on several occasions. I can be a really hard-hearted, stone cold biatch, so if these fictional characters living out their fantastically unbelievable lives can move me to tears, then damn, this show is something that needs to be experienced, and by as many people as I can possibly drag into my home for a dvd marathon.

Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this TV season)

Well, there were shows this past season that I should have loved (Eastwick, Mercy, V) but, ultimately, were disappointing (sorry Paul. Love ya babe, but... no. If you were gonna play the Devil in 2009, you should've sold yourself to Supernatural).

It has been years since any new TV season had me anticipating new show premieres like a kid waiting for Christmas (and that, btw, was 24). Depressing, innit? Networks have ADHD in regards to giving programs a fighting chance to find their audiences, and why would I let myself become invested in a show that has a 90% chance of being cancelled after 3 episodes? Cable networks, OTOH, tend to give shows a decent 13 ep mini-run before deciding to scrap the underachievers. That was the reason I gave in and gave Stargate:Universe a chance.

Louis Ferreira pretty much ruined himself as an actor I could watch after his scenery-chewing, OTT manic maniac Ray during the first season of Durham County and I was rather... queasy, actually... at the thought of watching a program where he was a morally questionable leader/protagonist in the SG'Verse's version of ST:Voyager, but I was really quite relieved to see him dial down the agita and insanity, and giving emotionally charged performances that didn't leave me seasick.

The writing has been pretty good, even if the arcs being written about are largely cliche'd and unnecessarily convoluted (someone please shoot Lou Diamond Phillips' character and remove his waffling ass from the whole insurgent drama). Many of the characters are stock (the true blue GI warrior, the officer who is gentlemanly pig, scared to being useless civvies having to work along the military types in order to survive, et cetera. Even Robert Carlyle's character is a bit one-note (the attempts to humanize him by flashing back to his life with his wife didn't quite work for me) but does come to life when interacting with Col. Young. I can honestly say, overall, that despite the predictableness of some characters and episode plots, I haven't been bored by the show, and I was really quite invested during the season finale. Finally, one other show that has me looking forward to the next TV season.

Day 04 - Your favorite show ever

After thinking about this for more time than I am comfortable to admit, I realized that, no matter which show I chose, I'd wind up changing my mind. At this moment in time I would automatically say Supernatural. Before discovering SPN, I would have said 24, or The X-Files. But, I am going to go with a show that I discovered late in its TV run, a show that literally smacked me over the head and dragged me off into its world like a caveman trolling for a mate. That show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I find it odd that I am choosing a show that, as I experienced the whole series in sequence via DVD, I grew to dislike and eventually reject the titular character as any role model for 'girl power', feminism or honourable, conflicted hero. All of the White Hats became unadmirable as the series ran to its end, due to the sloppiness of its show runners and conflicting agendae of individual producers, writers and maybe even some of the actors. With an absent creator and an exec producer inflicting her own personal issues on the show's leading characters, what I first came to love for its snappy writing, interesting characters and (initial) commitment to continuity, devolved into a show where character histories and personalities were reconstructed to fit an episode's specifications, where hypocrisy became a common trait within the good guy camp and the demons were showing more humanity than the humans.

But, this show did something that no other show had managed to do before, which was suck me so totally into its universe that I launched myself into the fandom world. I became more adventurous with my excursions out in the Internet world. Between BtVS and 24, I made my first 'on-line' friendships that have endured for years. I discovered fanfic and eventually wrote some stories. I was exposed to other fandoms which led to new shows to discover, new friends to meet and new things to become excited over and all of it was mostly separate from my 'real life' world. I wound up doing a lot of things I never thought I'd do, in 'real life' and in cyber-life, and maybe became better for them. So that is why, at this particular moment in time, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my all-time favourite show.

Whew, long post again. And I'm still exhausted. Nite nite y'all.

x-posted at LJ
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Mostly this is a re-post of my LJ entry from today. I have been missing and negligent to my journals for way too long. I miss reading everyone's posts and interacting with all of you wonderful, interesting people. My real world life has been so draining that dealing with Facebook (as a lot of workplace life gets semi-privately hashed about) has been all I could handle. But, no more! Hey, a post! An attempt at communication with people who's only interest in me is... well, me. I tell you, that is something I value, and I need to make sure I let everyone on the f-list know that, not to mention reciprocate.

So, I present a life update for those of you who still remember (and possibly care about!) me.

Work-wise, things have been kind of horrid, but not just for me...

Hello Models of Care )

Life. Still heavy on the family drama and light on workable solutions to said drama. I spend what non-working time I have stuck in a perpetual cleaning extravaganza of the flat and tending to the dogs. The cats pretty much take care of themselves, provided they have food, water and clean kitty pans. I miss snuggling with them at night, but they avoid the dogs at all costs. They find the dogs noisy and irritating :)

And now for the fun 30 day TV meme I have seen popping up on many friends' journals. Yay memes!

Day One - A show that should never have been canceled:

There are many shows I miss not having new episodes of to watch but were ready to be put to bed (The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls, Homicide: Life on the Street) and even more shows that ended wrongly - thematically, creatively and due to production/network foolery (Angel the Series, Due South, Tour of Duty) and deserved to play out to more fit endings.

Of them all (and the others I didn't bother listing) I think Due South is the show most in need of still being on the air. Equal parts corn, cheese and earnestness, Due South gave us stories and characters that were more about living life as a decent human being than it was a buddy cop show dramady. Relationships were more important than the circumstances the characters needed to correct. Value systems beat out material goods as things required to live a fulfilled life. Family and friends mattered, not winning lottery tickets or moments of dented pride. There is nothing on TV today that upholds these themes and beliefs, and I am including those with liberal, non-sectarian and/or theological story drivers. Benton Fraser's biggest obstacle in life was not adapting to urban life, living up to his father's legacy and ideals or his Kantian/Utilitarian fusion of ethics: it was himself. His weakness wasn't naivete, charming personality flaws or his distracting attractiveness, but love. When Fraser loved Victoria, he opened himself to pain, to failure and loss of his identity and ideals. His love for Vecchio almost got Vecchio, Kowalski and himself killed (not only in the finale but in 'Burning Down the House') from the sheer joy of seeing Vecchio or the confusion with Vecchio's absence. With Vecchio, his vulnerabilities were exposed when his honour and morality were challenged (just about every episode with Zuko illustrates this well). Kowalski was a walking advertisement for confusion and rawness, with his challenge being to find himself while pretending to be someone else. No falls from glory came due to substance abuse, theivery or moral ambiguity: these characters were most at risk of losing themselves when what they held dear (family, friends, values, ethics) was being threatened. This type of honesty about oneself and those around them is something missing on TV today, and is direly needed to be injected back into contemporary culture.

Whew. Long post. Kisses and cookies to all who've braved reading it (and chocolate sprinkles to those who actually post a response!)

30 Days of TV Meme - The List )


May. 18th, 2010 11:20 pm
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Stuffing a conference room with 180 nurses and telling them they pretty much have to accept the fact that their union dues are increasing by 45% on Jan/11 - and then calling a Committee of the Whole - makes for some interesting moments.

Luckily there were no casualties.
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I haven't abandoned my shiny permanent account journal. Lately I haven't even had the time to check LJ on a regular basis. Family drama + Work drama + New Medications = A Pretty Crappy 2010 so far. But, I will not whine about the details of my misery! (Well, I might, if asked.) I am sure there is a light at the end of this tunnel, even if it will be months before it's seen.

My Proof of Life post is brought to you by fattening Chinese food, my Eastlink account and the letter M.

You may now return to your previously scheduled lives :)


Nov. 1st, 2009 02:57 pm
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I haven't deserted this place. I've barely been posting on LJ (aside from the occasional meme). October was a topsy-turvy month that happily ended on a high note :)

Maybe I will start investigating the cross-posting thingy. Might be helpful :)
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My days off are half over, but I got quite a bit done over the past couple of days. I did 4 loads of laundry (and folded most of it!), spot-cleaned the Sammy stains from the carpet (I am getting tendinitis from using the Green Machine cleaner) and mopped the kitchen and living room floors. Left on the 'to do list' is to do some more purging of the pile of stuff in the spare bedroom (and the other piles lying around the flat), sort out my closets and linens, launder the summer pjs and put away the flannels (I love my flannel 'jamas!) and more miscellaneous cleaning.

I also have to exchange a pair of pants I bought last week. One of the legs was mis-sewn and the calf is cut in half at the width. I didn't try them on because I tried on the same style in another colour, and bought both. Hopefully they have another pair like the defective ones. They are nice, comfy and somewhat stylish, so they are good summer pants for working in the clinic.

Sammy turns 10 weeks old this week, and in the two weeks since he's been here, he has changed so much. The land lady hadn't seen him in a couple of days, and when we were out for a go on the lawn, she said he looked so different from earlier in the week.

So, here are some new pictures of the pup, with a couple of Wesley tossed in :)

Puppies! )
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Big Puppy Pics Here - Dial-up Beware )

Cross-posted from LJ, better late than never...
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Well, it wasn't so much as a spree as it was re-stocking the supply closet and freezer with needed stuffs. Yesterday afternoon mother and I did the rounds at Pets Unlimited, CostCo and, for me, Future Shop.

Ok, maybe there was a bit of spreeing on my part.

There were lots and lots of cute puppies at the pet store, all at ridiculously high prices. There were three gorgeous red girl mini dachshies (smooth coats). One stole my heart. She was trying to dig through the glass wall to get out to me and play, and when that didn't work, she bounced around and tackle-played with her sibs. Another one that won me over was a long-haired chihuahua. If I were into pocket-pets (and had $1500!) he'd be mine :) That is, unless the short-haired one (unsure if it was the curiously-named La-Weenie... something crossed with a Mini Dox, I believe) got into my hands first. She was adorable. She bounced around like a Mini Dox and had a bit of a longer torso, with the colourings of a GSD (the long-haired Chi had the same colourings). But, I went there looking for books on Labrador Retrievers (zip/nada/none) and clicker training (zip/nada/none). I left with a new collar and leash for Wesley (orange/red/white surfer dude pattern) and collar and leash for Sam (blue/white/beige argyle), two hypoallergenic/natural product dog toys and a bag of cat treats I've been hunting for for months (cat nip flavoured crunchy bits).

CostCo was more productive - paper towels, cat litter, puppy pads, a couple of 1st birthday presents for the babes of friends at work, Season 7 of 24 on DVD (getting cheap with the packaging, yo!) and some pre-cooked, frozen chicken pieces - really good when you want to add a bit of protein to some pasta or a salad. Yum.

Future Shop is where I kind of did the indulgent shopping. Against better judgement (and the angst of dealing with 3-D glasses) I bought the 2-disc copy of My Bloody Valentine 3-D; apparently my love for Jensen is going to the 'I'm blind even to the questionably crappy movie' stage. That also includes the 'collecting of past TV appearances' requirement, which led to the purchase of both seasons of Dark Angel (which were on sale for $20 each; no way was I paying $50 for Dawson's Creek S5, the yumminess of CJ aside).

For those who expressed interest, here are the pictures of the litter from which I will be getting Sam (hopefully that will be next week). I haven't picked my pup yet, but this is what I have to select from:

Puppies! Puppies! It must be PUPPIES! )

Now, off to clean this place! I work on the unit tomorrow and start my orientation in Ortho Clinic Monday!
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01 - Finale of 24 tonight. Am on pins and needles. The S7 DVDs are set for release tomorrow ::saves pennies::

02 - Got new job. Part time ortho clinic for 6 months. Rest of the time on the unit, but three weekdays will be spent in clinic. Hopefully that means fewer nightshifts.

03 - Finale of Supernatural reaction: OMFG. (And Dean ILY!)

04 - Had dream last night... Jensen, a wee bit of Jared... if my subconscious is right, they're excellent kissers.

05 - Puppy countdown: 12 days (hopefully). Got pictures from breeder... should post those soon (if any of you are interested). Gonna name him Sam.

06 - Pay week (thank the stars). Rent comes out of it, but need to do some pre-puppy shopping and re-stock the larder. Pet store and CostCo, here I come.

07 - Am really, really in the mood for some hot, maybe schmoopy, Dean/OC hetfic. Daddy!Dean a plus. Have I mentioned I love Dean?

08 - How long 'til 24 starts?
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Yeah, for those of you who've noticed, I haven't posted anything real-lifish for awhile. Haven't had a lot to say, though a lot of things have been going on. My 10 weeks precepting a nursing student ended last Friday. I lucked out and had a good student, someone who wasn't afraid to touch the patients and was on the ball with taking vitals and remembering when medications were due. She gave me some very nice prezzies before our last day ~ two gift cards, one for a coffee shop and one to a bakery (where she'd gotten me two delicious gourmet cupcakes for my birthday!), some moisturizer, and treats for my 'kids' - organic/all natural treats for the cats and dog. All lovely and very unexpected.

Before our last two shifts I was at a two-day meeting for our Union. Our Annual General Meeting was last Tuesday/Wednesday. Tuesday was the 'education day' where we have speakers whose intent is to impart information and folksy words of wisdom. The information speakers were meh and our 'folksy words of wisdom' speaker was anything but! He was a flamboyant, acerbic flaming queen who owns one of the most popular florist shops in the city. He does lots of TV spots on local and national newscasts and lots of other stuff. He spent almost 2 hours making the most amazing floral arrangements, showing us how to do them, and using flowers as a metaphor for the many different people who make up the nursing ranks. He also shared his experiences with nurses (mostly through stories of his mother), dealing with difficult (and rude!) people, the importance of laughing and self-care, and, of course, taking the time to stop and smell the flowers. He touched on lots of other stuff too, the most interesting being how open he is about who he is and what he does and wants out of life, how he finds the ironic humour in how far he's gotten in life working with flowers (for a 'bald, fat fruit from Shelburne', as he referred to himself many times) and how, when during one speaking engagement he was met by silence and stone-faced attendees. Afraid he'd offended them by being so open about his sexual identity, he asked them if he'd said or done anything wrong. The audience said no. When he asked why they weren't laughing at his joking, someone said they were afraid to ask in case they'd 'offend' him.

Not likely, he said :)

Neville MacKay - My Mother's Bloomers

Yesterday I got up at the arse-crack of dawn (well, early for a day off) and my father chauffeured me 3 hours away to Barrington. I have decided (for good or for bad) that I want another dog, and this time I am going big(ger): I am getting a Yellow Lab. The trip was to go see the litter and check out the environment, the breeder, and so forth. The breeder was very friendly and laid back. The mother of the litter was very relaxed and happy to see visitors. She seemed to quite like my father and came up to both of us for nuzzle and pats. The father of the litter was in his kennel with a chocolate male. Both were barking and wagging their tales like mad, trying to entice us closer and give them some attention too :) I was leery at first, when the breeder told me the pups were 'in the barn': the 'barn' looked like a garage, smelled like a garage, but off to the side was a separate area with a good-sized area boxed off and filled with fresh pine shavings. Ten fuzzy yellow balls of fur greeted us with yelps and tail-wagging. I decided I wanted a male, and focused on the boys. The pups all looked clean, well fed and cared for, no signs of mites, fleas or wounds. Some pups were fatter/bigger than the others, but I truly could not find the runt. Aside from one little female, who was quiet and not showing interest in attention (by her pot belly and the news the pups had just finished breakfast, I think she was in a post-prandial stupor!) all the pups were playing or begging to be picked up and cuddled. Satisfied with the conditions and the apparent good nature of the sire and dam, I provided my deposit. With any luck, I will not have to travel back down there to get the pup, as the breeder will be across the harbour the end of May visiting a vet with some of her other dogs (she also had a pair of schnauzers and their litter was born last week or so - SO CUTE!), and if she can, she will bring pups with her (I get to choose third from the six male pups).


Today was the our Union local's tea for Nursing Week. That went well, although we ran out of cake an hour into the tea (some people walked off with plates piled with several pieces). Prep and clean up took almost as long as the tea itself, and hours of smiling and talking to our Union's higher-ups while hostessing tuckered me out.

And how are y'all doing?


May. 1st, 2009 10:59 pm
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Did I know when I got this seed account that it came with 200 userpics?

I think I did not!

/haz 199 icon spots to fill...
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You chose a great day to open your doors to the world - my birthday! In honour of both, I splurged and bought a seed account. Now I have two permanent blog sites, here and LiveJournal.
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It took over 10 years to figure it out, but this evening's events leave no doubt in my mind.

My parents don't respect me. One bit.

Knowing that might make things easier for me in the future...
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Praise {insert the Deity of your choice here} I am almost finished the antibiotics and The Strep is on the run! After Monday's relapse, the PenV rallied my immune system and sent the strep buggies packing. The soreness lingered until about Thursday, but it was nothing a little ibuprofen couldn't deal with.

On the workfront, my first two shifts went well. My student, Colleen, was officially handed the reins and was to be the one to make all the decisions regarding patient care, organizing that care, choosing our break times, etc. Those days were ideal for that switch to happen: the floor wasn't too crazy, our assignments were nicely balanced between post-ops and discharges, and our one chronic patient was pretty stable, with only a couple curve balls tossed at us for some on-your-feet problem solving.

Our last shift of the week - Thursday - was chaotic. Not so much our assignment, but the staff manning another pod were quite overwhelmed (well, one staff person was overwhelmed: the others helping her out found they were running tight trying to work their assignments and deal with the other nurse's patients).

Added to that insanity were unexpected admissions from day surgery, OR waitlist cases that were called to surgery with NO heads-up time (meaning, 'The OR is ready for 'X' so bring them down NOW PLZ!'). One of those cases belonged to the overwhelmed nurse, so when I went to get the kid ready for the OR, I found NOTHING done on her chart: no vitals documented, the pre-op check list incomplete, flow charting blank and the kid was on a narcotic infusion. So I whipped everything together, did vitals, heplocked the kid's IV so that a porter could transport the family down to the OR, only to be told 60 seconds later that the OR was taking another patient first, so we had an hour more to wait. Le GRRRRRRRRRRR!

My personal treat of the day was a wee heart babe from PICU, who has the family from HELL. Mother, father, extended family members all present and all with substance abuse issues, instances of violence while in PICU and disruptive behaviour all-around. Whee. The babe was easy, for a heart patient; the family was not. By the time they arrived on the unit though they were presenting their best behaviour, which in and of itself is creepy when you know what they're really like (cue thoughts of Stepford). They were trying to be pleasant and interactive. When I was washing my hands at the wee sink in the room, the grandfather asked me when I 'was due' :/

Le sigh.

I rolled with it, and replied that I wasn't pregnant, just fat. The BabyDaddy (his son) tried to clarify, saying I misheard him, but grandfather copped to the question and apologies abounded. I made a joke of it for the rest of the shift, but man... what a clue-in that I need to start doing sit-ups.

The joy of that shift was when it ended :) Mostly because that was the start of a nice 7 day-off stretch, which will be spent spring cleaning, walking the dog (the weather is going to be nice for the next few) and indulging in afternoon naps!
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Sorry for the crappy link - it is the first video story that plays.

Bomb Canada?
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