Jun. 23rd, 2010

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Mostly this is a re-post of my LJ entry from today. I have been missing and negligent to my journals for way too long. I miss reading everyone's posts and interacting with all of you wonderful, interesting people. My real world life has been so draining that dealing with Facebook (as a lot of workplace life gets semi-privately hashed about) has been all I could handle. But, no more! Hey, a post! An attempt at communication with people who's only interest in me is... well, me. I tell you, that is something I value, and I need to make sure I let everyone on the f-list know that, not to mention reciprocate.

So, I present a life update for those of you who still remember (and possibly care about!) me.

Work-wise, things have been kind of horrid, but not just for me...

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Life. Still heavy on the family drama and light on workable solutions to said drama. I spend what non-working time I have stuck in a perpetual cleaning extravaganza of the flat and tending to the dogs. The cats pretty much take care of themselves, provided they have food, water and clean kitty pans. I miss snuggling with them at night, but they avoid the dogs at all costs. They find the dogs noisy and irritating :)

And now for the fun 30 day TV meme I have seen popping up on many friends' journals. Yay memes!

Day One - A show that should never have been canceled:

There are many shows I miss not having new episodes of to watch but were ready to be put to bed (The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls, Homicide: Life on the Street) and even more shows that ended wrongly - thematically, creatively and due to production/network foolery (Angel the Series, Due South, Tour of Duty) and deserved to play out to more fit endings.

Of them all (and the others I didn't bother listing) I think Due South is the show most in need of still being on the air. Equal parts corn, cheese and earnestness, Due South gave us stories and characters that were more about living life as a decent human being than it was a buddy cop show dramady. Relationships were more important than the circumstances the characters needed to correct. Value systems beat out material goods as things required to live a fulfilled life. Family and friends mattered, not winning lottery tickets or moments of dented pride. There is nothing on TV today that upholds these themes and beliefs, and I am including those with liberal, non-sectarian and/or theological story drivers. Benton Fraser's biggest obstacle in life was not adapting to urban life, living up to his father's legacy and ideals or his Kantian/Utilitarian fusion of ethics: it was himself. His weakness wasn't naivete, charming personality flaws or his distracting attractiveness, but love. When Fraser loved Victoria, he opened himself to pain, to failure and loss of his identity and ideals. His love for Vecchio almost got Vecchio, Kowalski and himself killed (not only in the finale but in 'Burning Down the House') from the sheer joy of seeing Vecchio or the confusion with Vecchio's absence. With Vecchio, his vulnerabilities were exposed when his honour and morality were challenged (just about every episode with Zuko illustrates this well). Kowalski was a walking advertisement for confusion and rawness, with his challenge being to find himself while pretending to be someone else. No falls from glory came due to substance abuse, theivery or moral ambiguity: these characters were most at risk of losing themselves when what they held dear (family, friends, values, ethics) was being threatened. This type of honesty about oneself and those around them is something missing on TV today, and is direly needed to be injected back into contemporary culture.

Whew. Long post. Kisses and cookies to all who've braved reading it (and chocolate sprinkles to those who actually post a response!)

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