May. 23rd, 2009

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Well, it wasn't so much as a spree as it was re-stocking the supply closet and freezer with needed stuffs. Yesterday afternoon mother and I did the rounds at Pets Unlimited, CostCo and, for me, Future Shop.

Ok, maybe there was a bit of spreeing on my part.

There were lots and lots of cute puppies at the pet store, all at ridiculously high prices. There were three gorgeous red girl mini dachshies (smooth coats). One stole my heart. She was trying to dig through the glass wall to get out to me and play, and when that didn't work, she bounced around and tackle-played with her sibs. Another one that won me over was a long-haired chihuahua. If I were into pocket-pets (and had $1500!) he'd be mine :) That is, unless the short-haired one (unsure if it was the curiously-named La-Weenie... something crossed with a Mini Dox, I believe) got into my hands first. She was adorable. She bounced around like a Mini Dox and had a bit of a longer torso, with the colourings of a GSD (the long-haired Chi had the same colourings). But, I went there looking for books on Labrador Retrievers (zip/nada/none) and clicker training (zip/nada/none). I left with a new collar and leash for Wesley (orange/red/white surfer dude pattern) and collar and leash for Sam (blue/white/beige argyle), two hypoallergenic/natural product dog toys and a bag of cat treats I've been hunting for for months (cat nip flavoured crunchy bits).

CostCo was more productive - paper towels, cat litter, puppy pads, a couple of 1st birthday presents for the babes of friends at work, Season 7 of 24 on DVD (getting cheap with the packaging, yo!) and some pre-cooked, frozen chicken pieces - really good when you want to add a bit of protein to some pasta or a salad. Yum.

Future Shop is where I kind of did the indulgent shopping. Against better judgement (and the angst of dealing with 3-D glasses) I bought the 2-disc copy of My Bloody Valentine 3-D; apparently my love for Jensen is going to the 'I'm blind even to the questionably crappy movie' stage. That also includes the 'collecting of past TV appearances' requirement, which led to the purchase of both seasons of Dark Angel (which were on sale for $20 each; no way was I paying $50 for Dawson's Creek S5, the yumminess of CJ aside).

For those who expressed interest, here are the pictures of the litter from which I will be getting Sam (hopefully that will be next week). I haven't picked my pup yet, but this is what I have to select from:

Puppies! Puppies! It must be PUPPIES! )

Now, off to clean this place! I work on the unit tomorrow and start my orientation in Ortho Clinic Monday!


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