May. 12th, 2009

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Yeah, for those of you who've noticed, I haven't posted anything real-lifish for awhile. Haven't had a lot to say, though a lot of things have been going on. My 10 weeks precepting a nursing student ended last Friday. I lucked out and had a good student, someone who wasn't afraid to touch the patients and was on the ball with taking vitals and remembering when medications were due. She gave me some very nice prezzies before our last day ~ two gift cards, one for a coffee shop and one to a bakery (where she'd gotten me two delicious gourmet cupcakes for my birthday!), some moisturizer, and treats for my 'kids' - organic/all natural treats for the cats and dog. All lovely and very unexpected.

Before our last two shifts I was at a two-day meeting for our Union. Our Annual General Meeting was last Tuesday/Wednesday. Tuesday was the 'education day' where we have speakers whose intent is to impart information and folksy words of wisdom. The information speakers were meh and our 'folksy words of wisdom' speaker was anything but! He was a flamboyant, acerbic flaming queen who owns one of the most popular florist shops in the city. He does lots of TV spots on local and national newscasts and lots of other stuff. He spent almost 2 hours making the most amazing floral arrangements, showing us how to do them, and using flowers as a metaphor for the many different people who make up the nursing ranks. He also shared his experiences with nurses (mostly through stories of his mother), dealing with difficult (and rude!) people, the importance of laughing and self-care, and, of course, taking the time to stop and smell the flowers. He touched on lots of other stuff too, the most interesting being how open he is about who he is and what he does and wants out of life, how he finds the ironic humour in how far he's gotten in life working with flowers (for a 'bald, fat fruit from Shelburne', as he referred to himself many times) and how, when during one speaking engagement he was met by silence and stone-faced attendees. Afraid he'd offended them by being so open about his sexual identity, he asked them if he'd said or done anything wrong. The audience said no. When he asked why they weren't laughing at his joking, someone said they were afraid to ask in case they'd 'offend' him.

Not likely, he said :)

Neville MacKay - My Mother's Bloomers

Yesterday I got up at the arse-crack of dawn (well, early for a day off) and my father chauffeured me 3 hours away to Barrington. I have decided (for good or for bad) that I want another dog, and this time I am going big(ger): I am getting a Yellow Lab. The trip was to go see the litter and check out the environment, the breeder, and so forth. The breeder was very friendly and laid back. The mother of the litter was very relaxed and happy to see visitors. She seemed to quite like my father and came up to both of us for nuzzle and pats. The father of the litter was in his kennel with a chocolate male. Both were barking and wagging their tales like mad, trying to entice us closer and give them some attention too :) I was leery at first, when the breeder told me the pups were 'in the barn': the 'barn' looked like a garage, smelled like a garage, but off to the side was a separate area with a good-sized area boxed off and filled with fresh pine shavings. Ten fuzzy yellow balls of fur greeted us with yelps and tail-wagging. I decided I wanted a male, and focused on the boys. The pups all looked clean, well fed and cared for, no signs of mites, fleas or wounds. Some pups were fatter/bigger than the others, but I truly could not find the runt. Aside from one little female, who was quiet and not showing interest in attention (by her pot belly and the news the pups had just finished breakfast, I think she was in a post-prandial stupor!) all the pups were playing or begging to be picked up and cuddled. Satisfied with the conditions and the apparent good nature of the sire and dam, I provided my deposit. With any luck, I will not have to travel back down there to get the pup, as the breeder will be across the harbour the end of May visiting a vet with some of her other dogs (she also had a pair of schnauzers and their litter was born last week or so - SO CUTE!), and if she can, she will bring pups with her (I get to choose third from the six male pups).


Today was the our Union local's tea for Nursing Week. That went well, although we ran out of cake an hour into the tea (some people walked off with plates piled with several pieces). Prep and clean up took almost as long as the tea itself, and hours of smiling and talking to our Union's higher-ups while hostessing tuckered me out.

And how are y'all doing?


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